Welcome to the digital camera museum. Please feel free to leave a comment about my project.

I can't browse your website in China. So I always thought the website was closed. See your amazing achievements through VPN browsing today. Do you have all the cameras already? Or is there only a photo? I have SONY MVC-2010, NIKON NT-1000A, King Jim Da Vinci...
Freitag, 23. Februar 2018 17:55
PJ - LA,Calif;

Hi very nice website think you. Might be nice to figure a software section where it can be shared with people who want to use these cameras.


Thank you, keep up the good work!


Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018 15:00
peter - cambridge, MA

the Polaroid PDC was designed by Matt Hern, who was at Fitch at the time and then moved to Product Genesis, Inc. immediately after defining the initial design.  Your information is wrong.  i redesigned the autofocus mechanism and my ex-wife redesigned some small aspects of Matt's original design while were all at PGI. i am well aware of the history with many, many dealings with Polaroid.  if you want verification, i can put you in contact with VP of product development (at the time) of Polaroid.  Also, the head of engineering, although he surely would not like it.  But, history needs to be proper.  

Dienstag, 11. April 2017 04:32
John - USA

I have recently purchased a store display with all 5 colors shown. Happy to share images with you if you let me know the best way for you  to receive them.

Freitag, 24. März 2017 20:27
Richard Berry - Oregon

You mention the Nikon Coolpix 800, but there was also a Coolpix 880, similar but with with 3 megapixels. An excellent little camera; I used mine for years.

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017 00:44
Thomas Strauß - Berlin / Germany


nice website I think. I purchased an old Canon Digital Camera Powershot 600 at a flea market for 10€. I made some photos with it. The camera was built in1997.


Sonntag, 28. August 2016 12:45
Geoff - Australia

Wow, what a great site. And here am I thinking that I am a bit odd collecting old camcorders.
I have branched out a bit and have added Sony Mavicas to the collection. Attempting to get one of each of all the models they produced.
Unlike some of my camcorders, all the Mavicas still work!
I always go through E-Bay and see what is around, oddball camcorders always get my attention.
There are plenty of books written on the subject of film cameras but not much on digital cameras, even less on camcorders.
Keep up the good work, I know it takes a lot of effort to produce a good website.
Well done.

Dienstag, 16. August 2016 04:22
Robert Andrejas - Tuzla



At the moment I am adjusting textbook I wrote about photography for students and I came across this web site. I found some things I didn't know about and I would like to use these information in my textbook. Of course, I would like to ask you for your permission to do that, and in that case, I would refer to this web site.


Kind regards, Robert Andrejas

Dienstag, 15. März 2016 22:05
Jeff Hartley

Amazing project. This is one of the best, no, the best website on the subject to date. The accuracy and devotion is completely unmatched. I have seen other websites on this subject and nothing comes even close to this project. This is my reference website from now on. Carry on! Jeff.

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015 21:47
Maurits - Oldenburg

Respekt! Heel goed recherchewerk! Je bent een echte expert geworden op dat gebied. Een Masterpiece !

Montag, 25. Mai 2015 18:13
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